What are the top tech enablers at your school?

By Ashley Cross posted 10-02-2022 06:11 PM


What are the top tech enablers at your school?

“Tech enablers” are the technologies implemented to support extraordinary learning experiences.

  • DIGITAL COLLABORATION ENVIRONMENTS: digital systems, tools, technologies, connectivity, and pedagogy

  • UNTETHERED BROADBAND AND CONNECTIVITY: ubiquitous broadband internet and the underlying technologies
  • ANALYTICS AND ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES: digital technologies that utilize data related to learning

  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: interfaces that mimic the complexity and function of human brain processes

  • CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE: virtual or hybrid infrastructure that is delivered or accessed via a network

  • DATA & INFORMATION VISUALIZATION: interact with complex data in comprehensive, approachable ways

  • EMBEDDED ACCESSIBILITY TECHNOLOGIES: eliminate barriers and promote accessibility for all

  • WORKFLOW AUTOMATION ENABLERS: replaces paper-based, time-intensive processes; streamlines operations

  • TOOLS FOR PRIVACY & SAFETY ONLINE: platforms that help to ensure the privacy and safety of learners

  • TOOLS TO MONITOR STUDENTS TO ENSURE WELL-BEING: filter content, promote digital classroom engagement

Which technology enablers do you see making the biggest impact? Share if you relate to the items on this list (and are your top enablers), or let us know if you have other ideas not mentioned here.