PASS Safety and Security guidelines and checklist released

By Ashley Cross posted 03-21-2023 04:17 PM


Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) just released the 2023 version of safety and security guidelines and checklist. Some of the language is district-focused, but there are things that apply to tech leaders at indy schools as well. 

Here's an overview of the updates in the 6th edition:

Identify areas of improvement by separating tier continuum practices required by law or uniformly implemented
Redesign tiers for clarity: work toward Tier One measures, then Tier Two if Tier One is in place
Tiers 3 and 4 measures may be needed depending on assessment from core security team
Enhance classroom security section with updated recommendations and illustrations
New Enhanced Technologies section detailing potential solutions such as weapons detection, analytics, emergency communications and biometrics

PASS saftey and security guidelines for K-12 schools

PASS safety and security checklist for K-12 schools

Don't forget about the ATLIS cybersecurity recommendations for independent schools as well!