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Highlights from the ATLIS and NAIS Summit: Educational Leadership in the Age of AI (Sunday, April 30)

By ATLIS Admin posted 05-01-2023 08:05 PM


Highlights from the ATLIS and NAIS Summit: Educational Leadership in the Age of AI

Attendees of Sunday, April 30 summit leave enlightened and inspired

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, educational leaders from all corners of the country gathered together for the highly anticipated ATLIS and NAIS Summit on Educational Leadership in the Age of AI. The one-day event provided a platform for attendees to engage in stimulating discussions and exchange ideas about the future of education in the age of AI.


From trends and predictions for AI in education to current applications of AI in the classroom, the summit's agenda covered a wide range of topics. Dr. Ashley Cross, Senior Director of Education and Content at ATLIS, introduced the topic of AI, giving a background to the significance of the technology in schools. Attendees had the privilege of hearing from Vinnie Vrotny, Director of Technology at The Kinkaid School, who shared how his school has been implementing AI in the classroom. Vinnie lead a cohort of teachers that went through specialized AI training. They have been working with AI for several years at their school. Vrotney challenged the group to consider how they might leverage generative AI within the context of the various subjects to prepare students to lead, serve, and become contributing citizens in the future. Attendees walked through the ‘research, review, educate’ framework from the Artificial Intelligence for School Leaders e-book by NAIS & ATLIS.

Attendees were enlightened by diverse perspectives on how technology is being used in independent school classrooms from lower to middle to upper schools. Jim Bologna and Austin Totty of Windward School, shared their experiences in developing an Honors CS course in artificial intelligence, which was inspired by student interest in AI. Bias and ethic were heavily explored.  


“The AI Summit was hands down the most helpful and in-depth session I’ve been able to attend, and I’ve been to a LOT of AI-related events recently. The presenters were excellent, and the real-world application and resources we can take back to our schools and use right now are invaluable.” - Lita Bledsoe


The summit also featured a panel of experts who delved into the big topics in AI, such as the future of assessment, curriculum, pedagogy, and academic integrity. The panelists, Tim Fish, Theresa Jay, Angela MacKenzie, Paul Turnbull, and Jenn Zanoria, shared their experiences and insights on the subject.


The summit left attendees with a better understanding of the current state of AI in schools, including the challenges and best practices in implementing AI in the classroom. The summit concluded with attendees working together to address the future of AI in independent schools.

For those interested in learning more, join us at the ATLIS virtual AI summer workshop series in June.