October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but Cyber Safety is a Year-Round Effort

By Kelsea Watson posted 10-29-2021 05:48 PM


The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) celebrated cyber security awareness month in October by bringing extra cyber safety resources to the independent school community. On October 22 and 29, ATLIS hosted 5 hours of workshop programming specifically aimed to provide independent school technology leaders and their teams with the tools and resources to keep their security practices up-to-date year round. 

With a foundation based in the ATLIS Cybersecurity Recommendations, workshop participants were guided through a series of presentations, breakout conversations, reflections, and activities aimed towards establishing a “standard of care” with regard to cyber safety in their schools. ATLIS was joined by other independent school partner associations to bring these valuable cyber safety resources to the larger independent school community, and had more than 100 registrants for the workshop. 

Because cyber safety is important beyond the month of October, ATLIS is proud to arm its members with year-round tools to protect schools against cyber attacks, navigate crises when they arise, and recover from the inevitable attacks stronger than before. Resources include video and document libraries, partnerships with KnowBe4 and Ankura for special member discounts and mock phishing assessments, community discussions, and more. On November 3 at 3:00 pm Eastern, ATLIS will host a cyber security summit, which will cover conducting a cybersecurity audit on your campus, how to be prepared for a cyber incident before it occurs, and the latest strategies from the dark web that could impact your school’s operations when you are looking the other way. 

Ever keeping its finger on the pulse of the community’s safety needs, ATLIS will once again partner with independent school associations to offer another cyber safety workshop in March, 2022, followed by another cybersecurity update summit. Registration will open soon. 

While certain cybersecurity benefits are available to ATLIS members only, the ATLIS Cybersecurity Recommendations is a document available to anyone. The community wants your thoughts.
Which recommendations surprised you the most? Which recommendation concerns you most, especially as you think about your school culture? Which might be the easiest to accomplish? Which recommendations are you doing well, and can you share any resources with your community? Comment below to add your voice to the conversation.