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Second Annual CIRIS Summit Co-Hosted by ATLIS

By Kelsea Watson posted 25 days ago


Second Annual CIRIS Summit Co-Hosted by ATLIS

The Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools (CIRIS) to host its second annual summit alongside the ATLIS annual conference in May

CIRIS logo with text: 2023 annual summit, Grand Rapids, Michigan April 30 - May 2

The Association for Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) is proud to announce its continued partnership with the Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools (CIRIS) at the 2023 ATLIS annual conference. After successfully hosting CIRIS for an institutional research educational track during the ATLIS 2022 annual conference, the two organizations are partnering once again to co-host their events. CIRIS will host an annual summit alongside the 2023 ATLIS annual conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

“There is significant crossover between institutional research and technology in independent schools,” said Christina Lewellen, executive director of ATLIS. “Last year in Orlando, the two groups shared incredibly valuable insights with one another about data safety, and leveraging data to support schools’ missions. We were thrilled to invite CIRIS to co-host their annual summit with ATLIS again this year.”


“Strong data infrastructure and governance are the foundations of institutional research,” said Eric Heilman, executive director of CIRIS. “Without it, institutional researchers can not generate the insightful analysis schools need to guide data-informed strategy and policy. CIRIS is thrilled to rejoin ATLIS again this year for our annual summit. It’s a phenomenal opportunity for us to share with and learn from our tech leader partners.”

ATLIS full registration conference attendees will have the opportunity to attend the sessions hosted by CIRIS. After an institutional research "expo" on Sunday, April 30, CIRIS will host two days of breakout sessions that cover important topics under institutional research in independent schools. Sessions include:

  • From Raw Data to Dashboard: Working with Google Looker Studio
  • Data Culture and Data-Informed Leadership
  • The Back End: Building a Data Warehouse to Create Automated Dashboards
  • Creating Collective Responsibility Through Strategic Data-Informed Collaboration
  • Discussion Session: Solving data infrastructure hurdles to institutional research now and in the future
  • Getting Started in Institutional Research: Keep It Simple
  • Measuring Inclusion and Equity: A Case for Data Quality and Governance
  • How Institutional Research Can Support Competency-Based Learning and Assessment

CIRIS annual summit registration will also include the opportunity to participate in networking events, meals, and keynote sessions hosted by ATLIS. Institutional researchers may contact Eric Heilman to learn more. 

“As schools continue to recognize the value of strategically leveraging their data to improve both operational efficiency and community experience, it will only become more important for tech leaders and institutional researchers to maintain strong relationships so that our systems are prepared to meet a data-rich future,” said Heilman.

To register for the full ATLIS annual conference, visit theATLIS.org/annual-conference.

The Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools (CIRIS) at Maret provides resources and support for institutional research practitioners. Supported by a 2020 Educational Leadership Grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation and matching gifts from the Maret community, CIRIS hosts networking events, facilitates expertise-sharing between schools, publishes useful information, and provides direct professional development in core institutional research competencies through its website and annual Summer Fellows Lab.