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    Posted 11-15-2021 03:34 PM
    Cross posted on ATLIS Slack:

    Magnus Schools: we are 1st year Magnus and it has not been good for our nurses. Their comments are the following - "Magnus was not what they sold us and is dangerously slow according to Marissa since they can't bring up records quickly." - Are any other schools who use Magnus experiencing these issues? If not, any thoughts on how best to support our team with this?


    Jennifer Baselice
    Director of Technology
    Lake Highland Preparatory School

  • 2.  RE: Magnus

    ATLIS Member
    Posted 11-16-2021 06:38 AM
    We have used Magnus for a few years now and we are actively looking for other options.  If might give you some idea how we feel about Magnus by saying that we are even seriously considering going back to paper records rather than continue to use Magnus.

    James Manikas
    Director of Technology
    Webb School of Knoxville

  • 3.  RE: Magnus

    Posted 11-16-2021 07:38 AM
    Unfortunately, I cannot provide guidance on better use of Magnus.  We considered it several years ago and ultimately landed on FinalForms.  FinalForms is currently handling our athletic, medical and some academic forms.  Happy to discuss with anyone that has questions.

    Lesley Coe
    Cardinal Gibbons High School

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    Posted 11-16-2021 09:01 AM
    We have been using Magnus Health for five years.  Whereas the interface can be confusing and the requirement library should have a better method for organizing and archiving, overall we are happy enough with the product.  We do not use it exclusively for medical tracking.  We also use it for online permission forms and for athletics.  I cannot say that we have had the same issue with slowness.

    Maria Morrell
    Tandem Friends School

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    ATLIS Member
    Posted 11-16-2021 01:38 PM
    Edited by Kirstin McDonald 11-16-2021 01:48 PM
    Magnus School for 5+ years now. There are several areas that could be considered slow in the app.

    It was slow going for the first year until we really got the hang of things and our nurse became comfortable using the system. The comments about the requirement library are spot on; there is a lot of room for improvement and we are always recommending better reports and upgrades via their online suggestion portal. 

    For the day-to-day usage we have found that using the Magnus Health Check-In module was key to speeding things up for actual student care.

    Our nurse did tell me that the system seems to slow down after a few hours of use, but she just logs out and back in and things go back to normal. She spends about 2-3 hour a day handling form submissions these days as more and more of our students are getting vaccinated.

    Happy to discuss further one-on-one if you or Marissa are interested.


    Kirstin McDonald
    System Administrator
    The Center For Early Education

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    ATLIS Member
    Posted 11-17-2021 01:38 PM
    We have been using Magnus for some time now and have had both nurses from 3 campuses, athletic trainers, and our operation team working in it and haven't had these types of complaints. Where we have had issues is with account logins and some minor data syncing, which has been an issue with correct relationship data being entered correctly.

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    William Stites
    Director of Technology
    Montclair Kimberley Academy