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  • 1.  Director of Scheduling Job Description

    ATLIS Member
    Posted 11-30-2021 04:07 PM
    Do you have a relatively recent job description sample for the Director of Scheduling or similar roles in your school that you would be willing to share? Does this position fall under the technology department, or is is part of a different area of the organizational structure in your school? Thank you!

    Colleen McNeil | Chief Technology Officer
    St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School | 400 Fontaine Street | Alexandria VA 22302
    703.212.2732 | www.sssas.org | cmcneil@sssas.org

  • 2.  RE: Director of Scheduling Job Description

    ATLIS Member
    Posted 12-01-2021 08:37 AM
    Colleen -

    Which scheduling are you talking about? Is this position about the creation and maintenance of student schedules or is this position about the scheduling of spaces and resources and maintenance of the calendars and facilities?

    We are beginning to have conversations about the latter here.

    Vinnie Vrotny
    Director of Technology
    The Kinkaid School

  • 3.  RE: Director of Scheduling Job Description

    Posted 12-02-2021 10:43 AM
    Wow, the idea of having a dedicated position for either of those tasks is a dream at my school.

    Brian Hoyt
    French American School of Puget Sound