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Canvas and Portals Plus (Rediker) Data sharing

  • 1.  Canvas and Portals Plus (Rediker) Data sharing

    Posted 12-01-2021 10:58 AM
    I am hoping I may have some others out there using Canvas as the LMS and Rediker for SIS.  We currently have yearlong classes and Semester classes.  Our school would like to go to each course (even though yearlong) to be a semester.  First reason: after semester 1 (in Canvas) grade pulls to check eligibility for sports/extra-curricular start getting averaged for the whole year and not just for the new term--cannot distinguish only 2nd Semester.  Another issue if using different courses, sections for our semester courses: when we create our transcripts in Rediker, semester level courses print on separate lines...currently different course numbers and/or section ids instead of across for the same class.

    Question:  If we go to reusing the same course number and section id for both semesters (and marked with different terms) in Rediker, does the transfer of info to Canvas see those as two different courses if the term date is different?  Anyone doing something similar?  How do you set up?

    Is there a better way to do find the averages in Canvas (time period) if one yearlong class?  

    Working with Rediker, I was told that going to semesters using the same course number and section id for each would work fine for Rediker, but not sure how the transfer to Canvas will handle this option.  I am going to do some data sleuthing as well to see if we can tell what is passed from Rediker to Canvas -- enough data to see the two courses as different with just term dates different.  

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Donna Muller