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  • 1.  Camera and Access Policies

    Posted 30 days ago

    Hello, ATLIS community.  We have recently installed cameras and controlled access to our buildings through Verkada.  As we work through the installation and training phase, we are interested in any wisdom around the creation of policies governing these systems.  Here are some of the essential questions we are considering:

    • Policy language to inform all community members that they are being recorded
    • Who is responsible for making decisions regarding the viewing and use of camera data?
    • Policy/procedure for facilitating police access to camera data.  Forms, requests for subpoenas, etc
    • Best practices for managing access control accounts.  

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


    Justin Culley
    Branson School
    Ross CA

  • 2.  RE: Camera and Access Policies

    Posted 29 days ago

    Given Verkada's history (cyber attack of 2023) and that this is a cloud-based system was there any consideration of a closed, onsite system?

    That said, what is or should there be a data retention policy?

    Is the purpose clearly articulated?

    Will parking lots be recorded (license plates)? What's the scope?

    Will you be including a link to Verkada's DPP (data protection policy)?

    I have no real legal background but can footage be subpoenaed for civil cases (divorce, child custody etc.)?

    Would love to see the final policy.

    Thank you.


    Jennifer Lamkins, Ed.D.
    Coordinator of Member and Technology Support Services
    Northwest Association of Independent Schools
    5001 California Ave. SW (Ste. 112), Seattle, WA 98136
    Office: 206-323-6137
    Direct: 206-323-7005