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  • 1.  Mosyle, iPads and Apple Classroom

    Posted 08-29-2022 01:56 PM

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you are having a nice Monday so far! This question is specific to those with experience using Mosyle as their MDM for iPads and Apple Classroom. Our issue is this:

    Recently this summer, SMES moved away from allowing teachers to sign into their school-managed iPads using a personal email and forced federation so that now every teacher signs in using their SMES Apple ID. Since that change, Apple Classroom is not working correctly. It allows us to create a class, but when we go to add students instead of providing a join code it provides a random list of our students (but not all of them). My iPad which is school-managed but still signed in with my personal Apple ID works just fine. We can't seem to find anything in Mosyle causing the issue- has anyone had any experience with this by chance? 


    Thanks in advance and take care everyone!



    Angela Mackenzie
    Director of Educational Technology and Library; Computer Science Dept. Chair
    St Margaret's Episcopal School

  • 2.  RE: Mosyle, iPads and Apple Classroom

    Posted 08-29-2022 07:23 PM
    Are your classes set up in Mosyle? I just have them set there and then they sync to Apple Classroom.

    Melika Panneri
    The Wilson School