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  • 1.  System Evaluation

    Posted 09-09-2022 08:54 AM
    Good Morning,

    We are starting the process of evaluating all our student, academic, financial, development, and admission systems. We currently use Blackbaud for everything but are considering a move. 

    Does anyone have any evaluation guidelines, surveys, or other documents to help me get started? I want to survey major stakeholders but don't really know where to start.

    Thank you in advance.
    Anne Gorman

  • 2.  RE: System Evaluation

    Posted 09-12-2022 08:29 AM
    Good morning, Anne.
    I don't envy you this process. It's undoubtedly necessary but not something that is an easy lift. Having recently completed a similar move, I first suggest assessing your internal systems in each of these areas - a "self-study," if you will. Only then will you have the internal data to understand where your current system and, by extension, any replacement fits or falls short.

    Glenn Hymel
    Strake Jesuit College Prep

  • 3.  RE: System Evaluation

    Posted 09-12-2022 04:16 PM

    Hey Anne,

    ATLIS provides some resources on evaluating systems and change management to members.

    A good place for free resources is actually the vendors themselves. Many of them have tons of resources to help you through this process, and they work regardless of which vendor you ultimately go with. Here are two examples:

    • Vercross' team excels in thought leadership and put together a wonderful 'transition toolkit' that helps you with the planning process.
    • Blackbaud also has a page of Industry Resources with tipsheets, white papers, and reports that you might find helpful. 

    Good luck on your journey!

    Dr. Ashley Cross
    Senior Director of Education and Content

  • 4.  RE: System Evaluation

    Posted 09-27-2022 02:32 PM
    Check out Educational Collaborators - https://www.educollaborators.com/. I have been working with them for years and they do this kind of work all the time!

    William Stites
    Director of Technology
    Montclair Kimberley Academy