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  • 1.  Using InTune for Mac MDM

    Posted 01-30-2024 02:28 PM

    Hi Hive Mind,

    This may have been a discussion many times over, but I am looking for current users as I am sure that software updates will play a part in your UE.  We are currently using two MDMs.  Intune for Windows and Jamf for Apple devices.  Due to cost and the desire to consolidate the number of software pieces we are having to maintain, I would love to hear from you about your experience managing Apple Devices in InTune.  

    Please identify when you started using it and if you are still doing so.  Also, how are you using it?  Do you use more than one platform? What has your experience been?  Did you move off of InTune after trying it? When and why? It's like twenty questions playing in my brain.  Basically, please give me as much information as you would like.


    Julie Benner (she/her)
    Client Technology Support Specialist
    The Bush School
    bush.edu | 206.326.7723 | Julie.Benner@bush.edu

  • 2.  RE: Using InTune for Mac MDM

    Posted 01-31-2024 10:43 AM

    It's possible that this has changed since I last checked in 2020, but I found that InTune only supports PKG installs (and not very well), and does not support DMG installs at all.  As a result, we found that it would not meet our needs.  Like you, we are using InTune (paired with SCCM, in our case) for Windows management, and Jamf (Pro) for MacOS and iOS management.  When I was investigating InTune vs. Jamf, we were moving off of AirWatch/WorkspaceONE, which I absolutely hated and did not work well, and my experience with AirWatch pushed me towards the philosophy that it's worth spending a bit more money to get management that makes my life easier, not harder.

    David Fulton-Howard
    McDonogh School
    Owings Mills MD