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Inventory System / Asset Management

  • 1.  Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-07-2022 03:22 PM
    Curious what other schools are using for managing their IT assets, we currently use a excel spreadsheet to track our laptops and desktops. 


    Zak Peeler
    Norfolk Academy
    Norfolk VA

  • 2.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-08-2022 07:31 AM
    We use IncidentIQ for both support ticketing and asset management.  We had previously used a combination of Spiceworks and spreadsheets. IIQ is great as we can tie support tickets to assets and easily see a history of issues with certain devices.

    Barry Kallmeyer
    Hathaway Brown School
    Shaker Heights OH

  • 3.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-08-2022 08:28 AM
    Good morning, 
    We are using iSupport for both ticketing and asset management

    Larisa Luca
    The Lawrenceville School
    Lawrenceville NJ

  • 4.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-08-2022 08:59 AM
    We use an open source asset management software named Snipe-It. https://snipeitapp.com/

    Paul Bailey
    The Lexington School
    Lexington KY

  • 5.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-08-2022 01:56 PM
    We also use Incident IQ for both support tickets and inventory.  It has worked well for us.  This is the first year we have all our inventory in there.

    Keith Bolstein
    Lake Highland Preparatory School
    Orlando FL

  • 6.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-08-2022 05:16 PM
    We use AssetTiger https://www.myassettag.com/assettiger/

    Martha Clagg
    Skycrest Christian School
    Clearwater FL

  • 7.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-08-2022 05:40 PM
    For our school, it really depends on the platform.  Our Apple Products are managed under School Apple Manager and rolled out through Jamf.  The Chromebooks are tracked through Google Admin.  And our Windows devices are now being managed through InTune.  There is a way to track assets in Spiceworks, the ticketing system we use; but we never got that far.  

    Julie Bryan
    The Bush School
    Seattle WA

    Julie Bryan (she/her)
    Client Technology Support Specialist
    The Bush School
    bush.edu | 206.326.7723 | Julie.Bryan@bush.edu

  • 8.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-16-2022 01:13 PM
    One of the Asset management systems I used in another school district is One to one plus. It allows you to assign the device to users and integrates with jamf and intune to update device records. It provides a ticketing system for break-fix issues. Also, it has a billing system that can be used for damaged equipment by users. It gives reports based on users/devices and can email them to multiple users (staff or parents). When configured right, it can be a great tool.


    Jo-Rel Wilkins
    Montclair Kimberley Academy
    Montclair NJ

  • 9.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 11-17-2022 05:12 PM
    Asset Tiger

    Afandie Winter
    Children's Day School
    San Francisco CA

  • 10.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 12-12-2023 01:20 PM

    Hi Zak! 

    This is a great question and it's been great to see the responses and suggestions. Learn21 also has Tech Director Toolbox, that might be a good solution. We are an ATLIS Affiliate Member and non-profit organization founded by educators. Tech Director Toolbox has a incident tracker and asset manager that can handle a school's entire inventory (not just devices) as well as a help desk solution that is built specifically for K-12. I don't want to turn this thread into a sales pitch, but I'm happy to give a demo or a free 90-day trial if you're interested. I'm convinced you'll love it and as a non-profit we have the lowest price point you'll find. You can email me at clay@learn21.org if you want to connect.

    Clay Bisher
    Blue Ash OH

  • 11.  RE: Inventory System / Asset Management

    Posted 01-29-2024 10:48 AM

    Hi there. We are also using Incident IQ for all helpdesk operations and asset management. I like the integration with JAMF and Apple Classroom, all connected to our Blackbaud SIS. Teachers can open tickets for students when their iPad or MacBook has an issue since they can see all the students they teach (most useful in the Lower School, not so much in Middle and Upper School grades). As several others have mentioned, having the assets tied to the support tickets helps us see a more complete view of the life of an asset. It also helps us manage expectations with how far our AppleCare coverage will take us since we track that back and can monitor hitting our annual limit per device for free repair.

    Best of luck!

    Jimmy Cudzilo
    Chief Information Officer
    Miami Country Day School
    601 NE 107th Street
    Miami, FL 33161