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  • 1.  Student Check-In Kiosks

    Posted 09-07-2022 04:59 PM
    Hello everyone,

    We are a Veracross school, and when students arrive or leave for the day, we would like them to check out at a self service Kiosk.  We would also like them to check in to places on campus during free periods to ensure they attend their required programming.  Veracross offers a web interface checkout kiosk for many different purposes. We want to find a way to make this as simple as possible for the students and handle a high volume of students quickly.  I know I can get this done with a computer and RFID scanner using their student ID cards, but this is pretty expensive if we add many kiosks.  I have also considered using an iPad but am having trouble finding an affordable RFID scanner that is compatible.  I wonder if anyone would be willing to share how they handle this with their students.   

    Thank you!
    Mark Adair

    Mark Adair
    Director of IT
    St. Anne-s-Belfield School