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  • 1.  Text Message event Reminders

    Posted 10-13-2022 10:24 AM

    Does your school send event attendance reminders to registrants via SMS/text?  Yes/No

    If yes, 

    • what system do you use to send these SMS reminders?

    • are you happy with the system? What is your level of satisfaction?

    • Pros/Cons?

    • is this an automated process? (e.g. Sends an email upon sign-up or once day at a set time and an event reminder the day before and maybe the day of)

    • what process best describes your integration/automation set up? 

      • Data export via query or data package

      • API integration

      • No integration, it is a manual export and import

      • Something else?  Please explain.

      • Not sure

    What Admission CRM does your school use?

    What SIS does your school use?

    What event registration system does your school use?


    Denise Covington
    Director of Information Management
    The Blake School

  • 2.  RE: Text Message event Reminders

    Posted 10-14-2022 11:18 AM
    We use BrightArrow to send text reminders. This is not an automated process for events, but can be pre-scheduled and does sync user info. with our SIS.

    We use Blackbaud for Admissions and that is what we use to manage events.  The events module totally sends email reminders on its own and is completely automated within your choice.

    Melika Panneri
    The Wilson School

  • 3.  RE: Text Message event Reminders

    Posted 10-14-2022 12:21 PM
    Hello Denise!

    We do SOME event reminders, but mostly when they are a big community involved event. For example we have a student run performance that happens every other Friday morning and we send out information about that every week. However, as of right now it only goes through email and we use our SIS for that.

    We are looking right now at something called regroup which we ARE planning to use for event reminders. It will also be sent through SMS and doesn't require an application download from the parents, only for whichever administrators are responsible for sending the communication  out. We plan to make groups within this program for basketball families so that we can send out reminders of games and where they are (also the other sports obviously), notifications to affected families when there's an accident on the road so that they can take an alternate route to get to school for pickup or dropoff, etc. 

    We use:
    - Salesforce for development
    - Active Campaign for mass emails from development  (We also use this for event registration along with FinalSite which handles our website)
    - SchoolAdmin for admissions

    The SIS we use is Senior Systems (which also is a part of My Backpack)

  • 4.  RE: Text Message event Reminders

    Posted 10-25-2022 11:13 AM
    Thank you both!

    Denise Covington
    Director of Information Management
    The Blake School