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  • 1.  White Label App Solutions

    Posted 03-28-2023 04:14 PM

    Has anyone purchased a "white label app solution?"  I was approached to review myCAMPapp for use in our Summer Programs and Enrichment.  We do not have any in-house developers or DBAs.  We do not have any custom programming for any applications (save a decades-old Access database!) 

    Here's some information:
    myCAMPapp® is a top-quality mobile app designed for traditional camps and summer programs. It is the easiest way to share photos and videos privately with camp families. BUT, more than photos and videos - myCAMPapp also includes tons of other features that makes communication with parents more effective. Developed by 1218 App Team, an established software company in Texas, myCAMPapp is a secure, easy-to-use, and affordable solution to get your camp a customized mobile app. www.myCAMPapp.com

    I am hesitant after reading how we get things started - they sent us this information:
    1218 App Team (our company) builds apps for schools and camps using our SaaS platform myCAMPapp. We white label the app for clients so they can have a fully branded experience that looks like a custom-built app. Apple requires all our clients to host their white label app on their organization's developer account.  
    We build your white label app in Xcode and upload it to your developer account on App Store Connect. You do not need to do any development or IT work. 
    To build and maintain the app we need a "App Manager" role with permissions to "Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" or and Admin role (see attached).
    The app is free so you will not need to set-up any financial info when prompted by Apple. We do not have access to any of that information regardless. We only have access to tools to built and manage your app.

    1.  We have managed Apple IDs and cannot use them for an Apple Developer account
    2.  We contacted Apple and they said this is not standard practice
    3.  To make this work we think we need to create a non-standard Apple ID with a gmail account and then go from there.  We don't like any aspect of that.

    Also concerned about who will be left doing the work to upload the data and fix problems...We use Campwise for registrations and I'm told "It's easy!"  Download a report from Campwise and upload it into myCAMPapp and you're all set.  You can do this many times.  

    Would like to know what others think of this if if you've done it.  Thanks in advance!



    Susan Fuhs, Director of IT Services
    Norfolk Academy
    Norfolk VA

  • 2.  RE: White Label App Solutions

    Posted 03-29-2023 10:16 AM

    We did something like this years ago for an Alumni app. It required that we work directly with the developer and our school developer account to make it all work. The school essentially becomes the app owner and needs to work with the developer for any updates/upgrades, or patches.

    We do not use managed AppleIDs, and I didn't think they were even a thing at the time. However, we have created a free Gmail account in many cases where we need to use a secondary account, or in this case, one not managed.

    A solution like this can meet the school's specific needs. Our previous SIS was built on FileMaker, making it highly customizable, but ongoing support came with that. If you hold to their "standard" builds, this can be less work, but keep your eyes open.

    I am sure others have more recent experience than ours that may have a better or more updated perspective to share.

    William Stites
    Montclair Kimberley Academy
    Montclair NJ